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Latest Updates:

Took some MP3's offline. If you didn't get 'em while you had the chance and still need 'em, get in touch with me and we'll see what we can do.

A new comments / guestbook section has been added above and mirrored on the "contact" section. Leave your 10c there if you dare... ;)

Thanks to Ryan, a partial collection of the AVE Demo tracks can now be found in the downloads section.

06-01-2011: Finally! A complete lyrics section has been added to the site.


This page now supports RSS 2.0. The RSS feed's URL is: http://www.ravenwolf.za.net/ravenwolf-rss.xml

The Cradle Demo
is finally available for (official) FREE download as well as all the tracks from the previously mentioned "Super Ultra Limited Edition Bootleg". (Jump here)

Finally started fixing some of the html issues and converting to CSS where needed. Also thanks to super-fan Wilhelm, the long-lost "Super Ultra Limited Edition Bootleg" has finally been added (fully downloadable soon) (Jump here)

Added flyer from my most "memorable" gig (Raffles, Battle of the Real Bands 6 July 1994) (Jump here)

Added a long lost Glossy Promo from the very early days. (Jump here)

Added the RavenWolf timeline. To be considered open to adjustment. If you feel any information contained therein is inaccurate, then contact me to have your corrections included. (Jump here)

Added a flyer for the 1 November 1991 gig! Thanks Angela. (Jump here)

Added some previously unknown flyers thanks to Clinton Ocklers! 25th June 92 and 18 July 1992.

Added 2 pic's taken by (and supplied by) Aurthur Brigg. (Thanks!). These were taken at The Stage during a practice. (Jump here)

19-08-2007: Added 2 pic's of the group from the Golden Years era (1998). Thanks to Wilhelm for bringing us these previously lost images! Priceless. (Jump here)

18-08-2007: Added 3 pic's from the "original" Feast in Green Point! Thanks Angela. (Jump here)

18-08-2007: Added some pic's that were taken at the "Battle of the Real Bands" which was held at the Cape Town Raffles on 26 February 1994. These were scanned off contact sheets for these prints, not the actual prints themselves, hence the quality, but since these pic's have not appeared elsewhere, it's better than nothing. We also posed for a few shots outide as well. Jump to this gig here (click on the "Related Images" images hotlink when you get there).

18-08-2007: Added some pic's of the Cradle Demo Cassette in the pictures section. (Thanks Arthur!) (Jump here)

17-08-2007: Added 23 previously "lost" images from the first ever official photo shoot at Maitland Cemetary. These awesome and timeless pic's were taken by Simon Allsop. Click on the "pics" link above to check them out. (Or shortcut here.)

17-08-2007: Added two flyers from previously unknown gigs in 1996. Namely 25 Jan and 13 Sept.

16-08-2007: Some more classic Raven Wolf photo's have been uncovered, thanks to Aurthur Brigg Arthur is also the artist who designed the cover art for "The Cradle" Demo. These will be added soon.

15-08-2007: Thanks to the miracle of the internet, some "new" classic Raven Wolf pictures have been located. Some of these priceless classic shots from the first ever RW official photo shoot by Simon Allsop will soon be making their appearance in the pic's section. Thank you Angela!

28-02-2005: Added a forum to the site. Now you can post all your questions and get in touch with us and other fans. Click on the "forum" link above or go here.

19-02-2005: Added a few recently discovered flyers, including the dates of two previously unknown gigs.

12-02-2005: Almost 2 years later, I have decided to let this site "go live", rather than just sit here partially completed on my hard drive. There is still MUCH to be added, but there is enough currently online to be of some use. Consider it a work in progress.

24-02-2003: Added the History section again after a revamp.

24-02-2003: Added to the "History" section and touched up a few images from the pics section.

20-02-2003: Finally completed adding the current collection of images to the pics section.

12-02-2003: Completely re-did the layout of the pic's pages. Finally settled on a format that serves my needs.

20-01-2003: Just finished adding the last of the flyers (that I have) to the gig's area.

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