Don't Die

Cliff West

The lash across my back
The searing flash of light and blood red stain
I'm branded by the pain
Was nearly slain but fire still fills my veins
A million years go by
I will not die I'll rise from this dark hole
I build my strength once more
And bide my time and gaurd my inner soul

In anciant days gone by
I crossed the earth like thunder in the sky
But then my power fell
They cast their spell and left me here to die
The days go round and round
I'm down here on the ground but still I know
The future holds for me
The fullness of the life that I had known

Darkness now I break this spell
I smash the cage and leave the emty shell
My labour made me strong
I dont belong within this freezing hell
I looked within your eyes
Befor you came to blind me with your lies
And to myself I swore
You snd yoour kind will never make me die



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