Cliff West / Adrian Stroud

Look see the sword ensheathed in rock
The secrets there to be unlocked
No muscles strength can draw the blade
But force of mind shall be obeyed
Grasp the hilt think concentrate
Draw the magic to your aid
The future lies so close at hand
Who holds this blade shall hold the land

The test is passed the sword slides free
Revealing who the king shall be
Your reighn begins so much to do
So forge your laws and start anew
First fight replace the rule of might
Set chivalry to make things right
Invoke the quest where er you can
And seek the grail throughout the land

Your reghn was just decisions fair
You ruled with kindness dont despair
For evil grasps the purest souls
It used your friends to smash your goals
They bound you within your own rules
And brought you down demonic fools
But still we see you played your part
So lay to rest and calm your heart



CopyRight © Raven Wolf - All Rights Reserved