Raven Wolf - The (original) Feast

Angela was kind enought to provide these pic's of the feast that was held at her home in Green Point Cape Town around 1992. (Around the same time as the photo shoot in the Maitland Cemetary - see the pic's section.)

The delicious spead of eatables and fondue edibles was much enjoyed by all. We all attended as well as some other friends of the band. (Russell King who documented many performances and practices. - Get in touch Russell!) :)

I do recall having a very hearty feast, and a really good time at one of the bands first ever "social events" outside of the band scene. In hindsight, we did WAY too little together outside of the band thing...

Here we see Clifford and Jenny enjoying some good food.
And here we see Jenny and Clifford still enjoying even more delicious food!


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