A Brief Reunion - September 2001*

Diccon who has been overseas for some time now returned to South Africa for a short visit, and during his stay we managed to hook up and jam out a few tunes. By "we" I mean the riginal Raven Wolf trio of Clifford West, Diccon Harper and David Storer.

A few classic's were banged out, including "Laughing in my Grave" and some "Gardens of Stone". The songs actually sounded AMAZINGLY 'together' if you bear in mind how many years have passed since we all actually played them.

Cliff brought along a flute-playing friend who jammed with us a little. I don't recall his name, but he can be seen in the image above with his back to the camera.

We played around for a couple of hours, and some mild plans were made to play a "guest slot" at an upcoming gig, but this sadly did not end up taking place.
* - Approx


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