Sunday Times - Cape Metro - 24-05-1992

Sunday Times - Cape Metro dated 24 May1992 - These were very VERY early days of Raven Wolf. This was the first photo-session we had, and was taken at the Maitland Cemetery (Cape Town). One of the shots taken on this day was eventually used in the sleeve of the now famous AVE Demo (our first official release).

The article states: "Ravin' Raven Wolf - ready to challenge the face of local heavy metal are, from left, David Storer, David Shapiro, Cliff West and Diccon Harper. The four known as Raven Wolf are leading the total onslaught of heavy metal and hard rock music on jazz-orientated Cape Town. The lads are launching their first recording at The Stage (opposite the old Idols in Loop Street) on Saturday night. They recorded their five-track demo tape on the independent Sound Action label run by Ernesto Garcia Marques."

By later standards, this recording was appalling! But for the time and available resources, it was a reasonable attempt, and at least the "feel" of the songs carried though.
If you have one of these (original) demo's, you can consider it somewhat sought-after. Complete with black-n-white sleeve.

The cover of this recording featured one of my favorite Raven Wolf logo's. This was designed by a friend of the group Cathy, who later went on to become a tattoo artist working at Kevin's Kustom Tattoo. I have had ALL my tattoo work done exclusively by Kevin Brown himself, and later work by Mark also of Kevin's Tattoo.


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