Flipside Magazine - 08-03-1992 Edition

Flipside Magazine 08 march 1992 - This was not really an article as such. More like a "gig-review", but as it appeared in a magazine, and I actually have a copy, I believe it's worth adding it here.

These comments are in reference to a gig that we played at "The Crowbar" on Sunday 8 march 1992 with Slay Ride. I recall this gig was great. (As were all Crowbar gig's), but this one was especially great for me, as it was with my personal favorite local metal band Slay Ride, Raven Wolf's "sister band" so to speak. Many a great gig were had with this lineup.

Article states:
- "Over the past three weeks the Crowbar started to feature live bands on Sunday nights. The Legendary Nowhere Band, The Dolly Rockers and Valiant Swart Band have all played so far. Tonight was Metal Mania featuring Raven Wolf and Slay Ride (with half price bourbon).
They both played short sets of very loud metal - loads of sweat, loads of hair, loads of noise. Raven wolf are a brilliant metal band incorporating intricate guitar harmonies aka-Metallica with Iron Maiden type power. The vocals were a bit lost though. The band uses lots of rhythm breaks and are powered by one of the fastest metal bass players around. They were very tight and have obviously been working hard at getting the sound they want. They play primarily original material but do throw in a few covers.
Slay Ride on the other hand have a frontman with a voice to match that of Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, but the rest of his band are not up to much.

The Dolly Rockers as mentioned above actually shared our practice venue for quite some time, and I believe left South Africa to pursue their musical lives overseas.

I have to add that I don't completely agree with the somewhat severe criticism of Slay Ride. They may not have had a great gig (this time), but let me assure you that they were every bit as good as we ever were at what they did. Their style of metal was quite a bit different to ours, and I believe that that contrast often threw the audience a bit.

Over time however, people became accustomed to the two styles of music and they complimented each other so well that it was the main reason the gigs would draw large crowds. Followers of all genre's of metal would get something they would enjoy at a RW/SR gig.

On the subject of Slay Ride's frontman (who I doubt would have appreciated the Curt Cobain reference), I personally feel that he is *THE* most talented metal vocalist that the scene in South Africa has ever seen. Sadly though things with Slay Ride never went far enough to realize it's full potential, ... but it's never too late...


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