Raven Wolf - First ever "official" release: "The A.V.E. Demo"

This is the foldout sleeve for the infamous "AVE Demo". Recorded over a couple of days in a really terrible little studio near the railway line, Voortrekker Road in Maitland(!?).

The recording quality at the time was WAY better than anything else we had, and we were overall satisfied with what we got out . We actually sold quite a few of these, and was the demo that although by no means a great production effort, it does present a somewhat "classic" representation of the times.

If you are fortunate enough to have one of these (original) demo's, you can consider it one of the most collectible pieces of Raven Wolf history.

Although the most of these were sold by us, at gig's etc, there were a few other places where you may have been able to get one. If you managed to get one from somewhere other than us, I'd be interrested to hear from you. Drop me an email. (See the "CONTACTS" section above.)



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