Raven Wolf - Limited Edition (1/5)

If you have one of these, you are seriously one of the elite! There are only 5 of these shirts that exist anywhere on earth.

What makes them special is that they were the FIRST Raven Wolf t-shirts ever produced, and still bear the "old" Raven Wolf logo.

What makes them even more special is that each shirt is HAND-MADE, ie not silk-screened. The shirts were taken along to a practice (the practice venue at this stage was Arties Cellar Pub), and each member was asked to autograph the shirt. These autoggraphs were then made permanent by going over the text with a ultra fine (Size #000) paintbrush with permanent T-Shirt printing ink.

In effect, each shirt is different. All bear the same logo on the front, but the autographs on the back are different for each one.

We have only managed to locate some of the complete set of these. Since we have not been able to track down the others, if you have one of the "missing" shirts. Be sure to contact us.


Click on either image to zoom in on the artwork. The image to the right contains the following text:

- David Destroyer Drums (David Storer)

- Rectumface - Bass (Diccon Harper)

- Mi Gitaar - Drofflic (Clifford West)

- David #1 - Guitar (David Shapiro)



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